Yatri Electric Motorcycles-Made and Designed in Nepal

We were expecting Tesla to release its electric motorcycles in Nepal. But no, before that happens made in Nepal motorcycle company named as Yatri Motorcycle launched its product in Nepal. Yes, you heard that right, Yatri motorcycles are made and designed in Nepal.

They are coming with a project named as ‘Project Zero‘. Project zero is the outcome of hard work, commitment and abilities of automobile engineers of Yatri Motorcycles. You can see how beautiful it looks from the photo below,

Yatri Electric Motorcycles-Made and Designed in Nepal

So be prideful and be happy to see that the Project Zero of Yatri Motorcycles is an electric vehicle, fully built in Nepal. While several complicated components are manufactured from outside Nepal. Yatri Motorcycles were founded in 2017 by Ashim Pandey with the help of five young Nepalese entrepreneurs and automobile engineers.

Yatri Electric Motorcycle front look.

Major Features

This is an electric vehicle of high performance and will potentially cost a lot. Most of the frame was built of lightweight and heavier carbon fiber rather than aluminum. It will provide its powerful 30kW engines with 42BHP (Brake Horse Power) and 120NM torques. Maximum speed of this vehicle is 120km/h. The length of the ride can be up to 230 km. It takes you 2 hours and costs you approximately 70 Roupes to fully charge this battery.

There is a 7-inch Full HD display on this motorcycle that gives you access to Yatri Hub application. In reality, with this motorcycle, you can also check the estimated money you saved. Besides the normal data like pace and GPS.

It has Hydraulic Brake is on the right side but is not available on the left side. The rear and front tires come with disc breakers. It seems like the socket, the cord and the stand have a standard gas plate. At the top of the handlebars and at the rear, Red light offers the vehicle a good look.

Yatri Motorcycles side view.

When will it be available?

Sadly, we’ve got to wait until March 2020 for this vehicle. The aim of the Yatri Zero Project in Nepal is to offer the highest quality riding on busy and unreliable roads that protect the environment.

Find more about Yatri Motorcycles from their official page

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