PUBG Mobile Season 12, Royale Pass Leaks

PUBG Mobile update 0.17.0 is here, and PUBG Mobile season 12 is coming soon. The new update will offer you access to the new PUBG Mobile Season 12 Royale Pass. There’s been plenty of rumors over what players might expect to find this season under their Royale Pass. We have list of certain Royale Pass and tier rewards.

Catwoman Set

As PUBG Mobile approaches its second anniversary, the global success of the battle royale game is unparalleled and Season 12 should be the best yet.

The latest (March 3) update revealed new airdrop shotgun, death replays, colourblind mode, Erangle amusement park celebrating PUBG Mobile’s second anniversary and much more.

The Season 11 Royale Pass will end on the 8th March at 12am GMT then PUBG Mobile Season 12 will release on the 9th March 12am GMT, with new season ranks beginning at 2am GMT 2020. There will be no downtime for this update.

Official Logo of Royale Pass Season 12

Recently the official website of Pubg mobile claimed death replay function in the game. Which is yet to come but it’s likely the update will arrive after Season 11 ends.

Few Days go Mr. Ghost Gaming released a video about royale pass season 12. The leaked video shows a new skin for Gorza, a new parachute skin, an avatar frame, and a new character outfit with what seems to be a helmet. These items are the rewards for the 12th season of PUBG Mobile.

Diamond Tier Reward :

Play 5 matches in Diamond tier to get Groza Skin

Royale Pass Gun Skins

Kar98 Skin RP
DP Skin RP
Boat Skin RP
Upgradable bike finish level 1
Bike level 2
Bumblebee Pan RP
Parachute RP
Mini 14 Skin RP

Upgradable M416 & M762 Skins

M416 skin
M762 skin

Official Trailer of Royale Pass season 12

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