PUBG Mobile Christmas update, Freeze Gun: Everything you need to know about

Everyone’s favorite mobile game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) mobile is coming with a major update this Christmas season including erangel winter mode. Their developer team has been working extremely hard to launch it as soon as possible.

Major Updates

Erangel 2.0

Prison after Erangel 2.0

Snow In Erangel

Snow in School, Stalber and Georgopol.

Cable Car in Erangel

Cable car in Erangel

Freeze Gun in Erangel

This gun will be removed after Christmas.

All of the above updates are coming with PUBG mobile 0.16.0 version. Beta version of this update is already available for its beta testers. The new update is expected to be released within first 2 weeks of the December. PUBG mobile has not revealed the actual release date for this update, it is very likely to be released on December 10 if everything goes well.

The teaser of this huge update was revealed in PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring split back in August. Now Mr Ghost Gaming’s YouTube video has shown more detail about the map. Players dropping on the redesigned map are shown in the video. The trailer includes very realistic pine trees, mountain peaks and large fields. For more information click here

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