Mad Miramar: PUBG Mobile, 0.18.0 Golden Mirado Update

The PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update will be released on May 7, 2020, adding in several new features such as the Safety Scramble Mode, Mad Miramar, the Jungle Adventure Mode, and more.

Miramar’s desert map will get wild thanks to some new additions and changes, as the tweet confirmation from PUBG Mobile. We know from the numerous reports we’ve received that there would be specific places on the miramar map that will have abandoned parts of a race track.

After Mad Miramar update, players can drive their vehicles across the remains including several ramps and paths for a ride. The chart also features several new areas including a new water town that might be named Oasis. Then there is a new town on the map named ruins for gamers to visit.

Major Updates

Mad Miramar

Canted Sight

A new connection will also be included, called the Canted Sight. This will offer your weapon an extra sight that will be accessible at all times. You should be able to move between the primary scope and the canted sight, which would be close to your primary scope and you can change it any time by clicking it.

Winchester 94 with 2.7x Scope

We’ve seen the leaks in the past, and PUBG’s PC version has the feature already. For the latest update, the Winchester 94 can get a built-in scope. It would be a 2.7x scope that will give the weapon a little more flexibility and players can use it as a mid-range sniper.

New SMG P90 in Arena Mode

PUBG Mobile is going to add new SMG gun P90 in the arena mode. The P90 can handle up to 50 bullets in one shot, and seems to deliver a higher rate of bullets to kill enemies quicker. It needs an ammunition of 9 mm but tends to have a restricted range. This gun can carry muzzles, sights, and foregrips as regards attachments.

Golden Mirado

The Mirado is one of the best vehicles on the map and you can drive a golden edition of the latest upgrade if you’re fortunate. We hope the latest update will also improve the Mirado spawns, as most Miramar vehicles are very useless.

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