PUBG MOBILE PMPL date Postponed : New Schedule, will be played online

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) 2020, the next phase of PMCO Spring Split 2020 has been rescheduled for South Asia due to the Corona Virus outbreak. The officials of Tencent games agreed a few days ago to turn this LAN tournament into an online version and change PMPL date where each team will play from their home. Which will affect Nepali and Bangladeshi squads heavily due to ping problems.

The the new PMPL date has also been pushed to 19th March 2020 along with the event now being turned into and online competition. Some sources have also claimed that each team will perform under the presence of supervisor from Nodwin Gaming to prevent cheating actions.

In this online competition, the top 9 teams from PMCO India finals, 5 invited Indian teams from previous PMCO alongside the top 6 from South Asia will compete to reserve their seat in PUBG Mobile World League 2020.

PMCO spring split

Teams in PMPL

Invited Teams for PMCO PMPL Spring:

  • Entity Gaming (India)
  • Team SouL (India)
  • Team IND (India)
  • SynerGE (India)
  • Team INS (India)

List of teams for PMCO PMPL Spring Split

  • Godlike (India)
  • Orange Rock (India)
  • Megastars (India)
  • Team Tamilas (India)
  • Marcos Gaming (India)
  • Fnatic (India)
  • UMExRxN (India)
  • vsgCrawlers (India)
  • Team Celtz (India)
  • Team Hype (Nepal)
  • INES (Bangladesh)
  • Jyanmaara (Nepal)
  • Deadeyes Guy (Nepal)
  • Team Xtreme (Nepal)
  • Elementrix (Nepal)
  • Entity Gaming (India)
  • Team SouL (India)
  • Team IND (India)
  • SynerGE (India)
  • Team INS (India)

Since PMPL is going to be an online competition, teams from Nepal and Bangladesh will have to play in high Ping, Because all of the matches of PMPL will be played in Indian server. As of now, average ping of a player in indian server is 100ms and 80ms from Nepal and Bangladesh respectively.

But ping is not the only factor that is going to affect Nepali and Bangladeshi players, D-sync is going to heavily impact on the performance of these teams. Due to D-sync, getting chicken dinner in PMPL is almost impossible.

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