Why it is a bad idea to conduct online classes in Nepal during lockdown ?

Emotional Message by a Student regarding the difficulties many students are facing due to lock down & Online classes Nepal :

“Because of Corona, the college gave me a leave and i came to the village in a hurry. In the next 1 week, the college started an online class. I joined the class as long as possible, whether by climbing a rock or going to top of the village, i used to attend 7 hour class per day.

online class

But the major problem is the internet, its so slow and it costs me a lot to attend my online class. I told the teacher about 100% attendance and year repeat. From class to practical, I had a lot on my mind till the online exam. How can I take the exam with this internet ??

I don’t have a book, I don’t have a note, the internet doesn’t work well. What bothers me the most is my exam. It is very important to pass the exam. On what basis do teachers give marks ? On the other hand, the terror of year repeat, exam, college, attendance .. for how many days ?”

As well all know, it’s been weeks since many colleges, schools, have started their online classes through various mediums. Little did we know that they are doing all these stuffs either to make a way for our monthly fees to look worth it so no questions could be raised on the latter days or just to pressurize students.

I understand, how badly this pandemic is gonna affect all academic sessions and I appreciate that we are getting such a medium to continue our studies even at this time but the question is “Is it really worth it from the perspective of our country?”
How many of us are facilitated with Wi-Fi and fast communication system?
I bet many of us are using data even to surf internet and see this story right now.
Many of you might suggest to use data. But let me tell you, still more than 70% places of Nepal haven’t got 4G network coverage. Even if it does, it doesn’t work properly. It has got good coverage only in some major cities.

And trust me when I say this, data by topping up Rs 100 recharge card daily ain’t gonna be worth it. For how many days it will be affordable?
For how many days you will keep reconnecting when your teachers ain’t gonna give a damn if you are present or not?

It will be worth it for people facilitated with Wi-Fi and fast communication but not for the one who have to recharge their balance daily with poor network coverage. Btw, they too have paid equal fees. How many people ran off to their hometown with no study materials due to pandemic?

Education should be for everyone and it should be reliable and convenient.
And I heard some of the reputed institutions in Nepal are charging money for online classes. 500,700 per subject at this time. This shitheads only care about money. Registration fees, Examination fees, Form fill up fees. अझै पुगेन(Isn’t that enough) ?

– Prashant Ghimire

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