Best Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Nepal for Gaming 2020

Gaming in Nepal has been an important aspect of life for Nepalese youths today. Although it’s been around couple years since internet users are talking about gaming issues such as ping and D-sync, there is a huge gaming community is in the making. For smooth and better gaming performance ther are few ISP in Nepal which have capability to do the job done.

Since the arrival of PUBG Mobile in March 2018, the context of gaming in Nepal has completely changed. Today, most of the gamers own a decent mobile phone thanks to mobile companies like Huawei, Redmi, Poco, Oneplus, Realme etc. Mobile phones from above companies are cheap and best for gaming.

Likewise, internet gaming in Nepal has increased over the past couple of years, although the cost and ISP’s performance are major problems.

Here is a list of average ping in PUBG Mobile of different South Asian countries

Sri Lanka45ms

From the list above we can clearly see how terrible our ISP’s gaming environment is.

Most of the ISP in Nepal are not very good for gaming. That’s why it is terrible from other country’s perspective. But, we have to choose one so that you can play in best possible environment available in Nepal.

5. Subisu

Subisu is a big name in Nepalese ISP industry which was founded in 2001 by enthusiastic tech geeks. It has more than 1,11,000 active installations all over the Nepal. It used to be one of the best internet service providers in Nepal before 2016. Then they started seeing downfall because of their terribly poor internet speed and customer care services.

subisu isp in nepal

But according to recent reports, it has improved its performance and services. It might be one of the best ISP for normal gaming. But if you are a hardcore gamer then i will not recommend you to subscribe to subisu.

4. Classic Tech

Classic Tech is a new ISP in Nepal which was established in 2009 and is getting popularity day by day. Popularity of Classic Tech is increasing surprisingly because of its outrageously aggressive schemes & offers. Within a very short time period the company has total of 8% market share in ISP industry in Nepal.

classic tech isp in nepal

According to users, it is the best ISP they have ever used. Because of such amazing reviews by their users, i strongly recommend you to subscribe Classic Tech for better gaming performance.

3. Nepal Telecom FTTH

Nepal Telecom FTTH recently made huge changes over their previous terrible internet service to make it better. According to users, Nepal telecom FTTH service is way better than other ISP’s in Nepal. There is a reason behind user’s such review, which is its amazing performance.

ftth isp in nepal

FTTH services are available in a lot of locations all over the Nepal unlike other ISP’s. Also it is way cheaper than others. I strongly recommend you to subscribe FTTH services if you are a hardcore gamer.

1. Worldlink/Vianet

Most of you are wondering because of both ISP’s are at the same position there is a huge reason behind it,which is i’m going to enlighten you


vianet isp in nepal

Vianet is the best internet service provider in Nepal along with Worldlink. Because of its extremely amazing speed and outstanding customer care services, they deserve no. one position without a doubt. They have more than 1,30,000 active subscribers from all over the Nepal. For gaming, vianet is the best option available in Kathmandu valley.


worldlink isp in nepal

Just like Vianet, Worldlink is the best ISP in Nepal. It has the best internet speed possible in the context of Nepal. It has more than 2,10,000 active subscribers from all over the Nepal. Gaming in Worldlink is way smoother and faster than other ISP’s in Nepal apart from Vianet. Worldlink is collaborating with international ISP’s to increase their availability in remote places in Nepal soon.


World LinkVianet
It is fast and smooth.It is fast and smooth.
It has one of the worst customer care services.It has the best customer care services.
It has performance issues in peak hours(7-10pm) because of huge traffic. It does not have any performance issues during peak hours(7-10pm).

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