Coronavirus in Nepal: Apply for epass in Nepal online

After Nepal was under lockdown on March 24, movement around the country has been limited to necessary travel only. Although all 77 districts have begun providing emergency epass in Nepal which is now accessible online.

The e-pass is only available for those who conduct what is known as essential tasks. Such as hospital work, food and medical supply and delivery, police and fire services and armed forces.

Applying for an e-pass does not necessarily mean that you’ll receive one. Applying for an epass in Nepal is easy but to get one is very difficult.

According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority, Nepal has recorded 99 cases with no fatalities. Also, 22 people have recovered and discharged from hospitals.

The Cabinet also prolonged the suspension of foreign flights and adjacent boundary shutdowns until the end of May.

The 77 district administration offices have started delivering e-pass service to the residents. The e-pass will be given to those working with the critical support industry. And others for legitimate reasons such as emergency and other must needed scenario.

Apply for E-pass from here

Below is a procedure of how and where to apply for an e-pass in each territory

epass nepal

So, this is the form you need to fill in order to get e-pass in Nepal. Please do not fill this form if your case is not critical. Because it might harm other emergency cases because of huge number of requests.

Nepal on Wednesday extended the current lockdown as part of measures to curb the spread of coronavirus until May 18.

If the medical emergency involves travel beyond the borders of the city of Kathmandu. One may apply in writing to the this website along with ID proof describing the existence of the emergency.

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