5G base station on Everest, criticism from many countries

Chinese telecom companies Huawei and China Mobile have preferred the world’s highest mountain Everest to make a sort of statement on how large they are at 5G.

Huawei is now facing huge criticism from many countries. But Nepal, neighbouring country of China is yet to react in this topic.

Located at the Tibet-Nepal border, Mount Everest called as Quomolangma in Tibetan, has an altitude of more than 8,848 metres. 5G network provider Huawei has been facing criticism from many countries. It has been blamed that China is using the company to spy on the host countries via their 5G equipments. Countries such as the US and UK has banned Huawei.

Climbers from the Chinese side to Mount Everest will now enjoy 5G high-speed service after activity of the world’s highest-altitude base station in the rugged Himalayan area of Tibet, the state media announced on Friday.

Established at an altitude of 6,500 metres, according to state-run telecommunications giant China Mobile, the base station which became operational on Thursday is located at the Mount Everest advance base camp, the highest peak in the world.

Along with two others already established at altitudes of 5,300 meters and 5,800 meters respectively, the base station recognizes the complete range of Mount Everest’s 5G network on the north ridge as well as the top, said Xinhua news agency.

The Global Times quoted officials associated with the project stating that the expense of constructing five 5G stations could exceed 10 million yuan in the extremely difficult terrain.

Located on the frontier between China and Nepal, Mount Everest has an altitude of more than 8,850 metres, with its northern portion in the Tibet Autonomous Zone prefecture of Xigaze.

Huawei said the incredibly lightweight hardware it has built for 5G allows it especially ideal for implementation in the intense climate found on Mount Everest, where it can be borne on the yaks’ backs.

Yaks were used for transportation, since they are still commonly used in the Himalayas because of their dense fur and fat coats, as well as big lungs and heart to handle the high altitude.

More than 150 workers were involved in constructing and repairing the infrastructure, including improving the 177 km transmission trunk line and path along Everest, Unwire added.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the first successful climb from the northern slope at Mount Everest, and the 45th anniversary of the first official precise measurement and announcement of Mount Everest by China.

The 5G network on Mount Everest would provide connectivity facilities for this 2020 remeasurement of Mount Everest is of great significance, the statement added.

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